Acquisitions and Community Development 


These courses are twelve week courses that meet once a week on Mondays (community development) and Wednesdays (Acquisitions) from 6pm-8pm. These are follow-up courses to the Quick Start Program, but it is not required that you take the quick start program if you have experience in real estate. If you feel like this is the case, please call (313) 444-9691 to setup an an interview. 

If you are interested in developing a neighborhood or a block, or even have an interest in special case developments these are the classes for you. Learn creative ways to acquire real estate and how to increase the property value after you buy it. Find out the exact things to look for and how to evaluate them at a level where no one else is doing it.

This class is a hands-on course where you will be working at the round table with Mr. Strather to guide you through setting up your venture correctly. In these classes, you cannot graduate unless you have a deal cooking, participated in a deal and or closed a deal. Finding or creating value is a tool needed in the real estate business, especially on the commercial side. Who is better to help you than someone like Herb Strather, who has closed over 2 billion dollars in deals? Buckle up for these classes! There will be a lot of number running and negotiations. Learn how to think outside the box and join forces with others to build and stabilize your development for a better community.

What To Expect From Classes:

    •    What Websites To Use

    •    How To Find Owners

    •    How To Run The Numbers

    •    How To The Determine Values

    •    Gift Sales

    •    Joint Venture Agreements

    •    Syndication

    •    Private Placement Memorandums

    •    Offer Letters

    •    Key Terms

    •    Letters Of Intent

    •    Commercial Purchase Agreement

    •    Triple Net Leases

    •    Underwriting

    •    Land Contracts

    •    Financing

    •    Deal Structure Without Equity

    •    The Art Of Negotiating

    •    Cdfi’s

    •    Partnership Structure

    •    Also, Includes Visits From Key Players In The Real Estate Business

Community Development

 Class Starts on Monday, June 19th, 2017

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 Class Starts on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

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