Do you know how to close on a property worth MILLIONS with NO MONEY DOWN? Ever heard of a Gift Sale?

If the answer is no, then the good news is that you can learn about it.  There is great buoyancy in the real estate market that allows for transactions to be leveraged at 100 % without exceeding normal debt coverage ratios or stretching loan-to-value ratios.  

How is this possible?  

  1. Interest rates are 4-5% and cap rates are at 9-10%.  If you know how to structure deals properly, they can be leveraged at 100 % and still enjoy a great cash flow.

  2. Rents are equal to the pre-recession numbers, yet prices are at a fraction of the previous sale prices.

Many people have lost substantial equity during the last recession, while others have watched on the sidelines afraid to jump in.  Either way, now is the time to recoup or accumulate wealth.

It is not just about the money.   Detroit needs you, and you need Detroit!

If you compare the housing market to the rebound of the auto companies, Detroit real estate is positioned for a significant rebound.   The demand for housing is greater than the existing supply.  

There are perhaps, thousands of people seeking a middle class home at an affordable price in the $75,000 range.  The problem is that there are not enough $75,000 houses on the market to buy.  Yet, there are thousands of homes selling for $25-30k that with some moderate improvements would appraise and sale for $75-90k.  Which means a couple of things for you and your community:

  1. You are in the position to buy low and sale high in the current market for a great profit!

  2. You may easily create a cash flow for yourself.

  3. You can buy a beautiful home with a monthly obligation substantially lower than you would have to pay for rent!

  4. You can become the landlord on your block, and decide who becomes your neighbors

There is so… much more!  Whether you are interested in leveraging, flipping or just investing in the “D”, you are invited to join the Strather Academy class and get involved.  Just Go to or call (313) 999-4446 to register.  Any interested parties can come sit in on our first class for FREE!