Lifetime Detroiters - We MUST get involved in developing our own Communities!

Let’s be honest, it is February 2015, and  there are no grass root movements to redevelop our neighborhoods.  If you are fortunate enough to live in the Greater Downtown, New Center, East English Village or perhaps Marygrove areas, there are numerous signs of redevelopment projects.  These few pockets of the city have experienced exponential growth and the rents have almost doubled.  However, the facts are simple:  There is a big-time demand for Downtown and its surrounding areas, yet, the average Detroit neighborhood is still devastated.   New families would not consider moving onto the average Detroit block.  To make matters worse, the banks have red-lined these neighborhoods and made it impossible to get a mortgage due to the minimum value to finance under FHA rules.

The Mayor has produced some great tools and programs through the Land Bank and DPDD, but what good is it if we are not going to jump in and find out how these programs work?

The $64 million dollar question is:  How do we redevelop our communities?   The answer?  Let’s start by looking in the mirror!  This is where you we realize that it’s up to YOU!  No one is going to do it for us.

It is hard to believe that we actually have a city with over 700,000 people in America that:

  1. Do not have a nationally recognized sit-down restaurant that you can enjoy dinner and an alcoholic beverage.


  1. Has deteriorating communities without a communicated game plan to improve them.


  1. Has over two thousand churches that operate amongst the devastation


  1. Has allowed the banks to depreciate our real estate values without suing them


Wake up Detroiters!  No one is going to save us but us.  If we do not get involved in the redevelopment of our communities, then they will not get redeveloped.  It is a disgrace to ask others to do for us what we haven’t done for ourselves.  Others provide gas stations, restaurants (Coney Islands), liquor stores and tons of automotive shops in our community.  We provide hair salons and soul food.   How long should we put up with this!

At Strather Academy we are creating the next generation of urban developers that will see to it that Detroit takes back its proper place in the world.  We are looking for interested people, churches, and Community Development Corporations that want to make it happen.

If you have a burning desire to get involved and help your community get redeveloped or if you want to purchase one of the thousands of vacant houses in Detroit and put it back into service, then you are invited to join Strather Academy . Just Go to or call (313) 999-4446 to register.  Any interested parties can come sit in on our first class for FREE!