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* 20 hours of deal making and training directly by me. You are required to find the deals, I will help you close the deals. You are expected to close a deal to graduate

* 10 hours of group coaching and hand holding. Here we get into your questions and personal concerns

* 10 ways to create equity- We examine the 10 basic tools I have used my entire life to get rich

* 6 Hours of Video teaching and recorded classes

* One of a kind forms to use

* A hot line to the Coach

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Strather Academy Is Instrumental in Graduating Over 2,000 Students And Creating Over 67 Millionaire

“With the Acquisition & Development course you will receive the tools you need to succeed in acquiring undervalued income producing real estate without using any of your own cash. And, in most cases today you will take tax free cash off the table at the closing. Included are my ten secret strategies for leveraging income producing real estate.

The course will benefit the 100% newcomer knowing nothing about real estate, to the experienced developer seeking new acquisition tools. It is really a reflection of my life on how to get started with nothing but a prayer and a burning desire to succeed.” – Herbert J. Strather, CEO



"My personal experience was nothing short of phenomenal during the Strather Academy class and has only improved since then.

"I am immeasurably thankful to Herb Strather and the team at Strather Academy for providing me the foundation, ongoing support and access which can best be described as life changing. To anyone who reads this....trust your instincts and know that “the time is right.”

Paul Riser, Jr. - CEO/Founder of Riser Group LLC
Graduate of Strather Academy in 2016

“I can’t say enough about the quality and integrity of Herb Strather and the Strather Academy personnel. Herb is a professor to the professionals.

"I am a retired Doctor and entrepreneur from Europe, And now I am an excited participant in the Strather Academy Acquisition and development Course. From day one of my enrollment at Strather Academy; I was impressed and never disappointed.